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Founded in 1981, Sojourner House was the first family shelter in Boston to house both male and female parents as well as children of all ages. Sojourner House is also one of a few handicap accessible shelters in Massachusetts. Since its inception, Sojourner House has provided shelter to hundreds of families and, at full capacity, is able to accommodate up to 9 families. Families are referred to the shelter by the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities (EOHLC). Every child that enters through the doors of Sojourner House is welcomed with a personalized gift. Sojourner House works very closely with families to identify their unique barriers to securing housing. We connect families to community resources and provide onsite workshops on workforce development, parenting classes, and financial literacy. Sojourner House strives to empower families by not only providing them with permanent housing but by preparing them to become self-sufficient.


Recognizing the need for more affordable housing, Sojourner House owns affordable properties in Roxbury and Milton.


In addition to providing shelter for families and permanent housing, Sojourner House also operates a food pantry. The food pantry is free and available to the families of Sojourner House as well as the community at large.


Sojourner House understands that physical homelessness only is part of the problem and that there are many contributing factors to being homeless. We strive to work in partnership with families and community partners in order to break down barriers and create a circle of support that empowers our families towards true independence.  

Our Mission Statement

Sojourner House is a shelter of hope for families; providing a circle of support and empowering them towards independence.

Our Mission

Our Vision Statement

Sojourner House is committed to ending homelessness by breaking down barriers one family at a time

Sojourner House is committed to ending homelessness by breaking down barriers one family at a time.

Our Values





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