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Sojourner House is always interested in hosting volunteer groups! We have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing organizations:

  • Boston College – Pulse Program

  • Boston University - First Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP)

  • Church of Christ in Roxbury

  • Department of Youth Services

  • Harpoon Brewery 

  • Harvard University - First Year Up Urban Program (FUP)

  • Milton Academy

  • Project Right Ministries

Sojourner House is looking forward to welcoming the following upcoming volunteer groups in 2019:

Sojourner House also provides internship opportunities to high school and college students. We have provided internships for students from:

  • Simmons School of Social Work

  • Cambridge College

  • Roxbury Community College

  • City on a Hill

  • Donations and Internships – Email Felicia Smith, LSW, HS-BCP, Executive Director

  • Volunteering – Sheila Reyes, Executive Assistant

If you are interested in completing your internship at Sojourner House please conact:

  • May 2019: Milton Academy

  • June 2019: City on a Hill

  • July 2019: Boston Project Ministries

  • July 2019: Fox Point Lutheran Church

  • August 2019: Harvard University (FUP)

  • August 2019: Boston University (FYSOP)

  • October 2019: Milton Academy

Volunteer Opportunities

Sojourner House always has volunteer opportunities. If interested, contact Felicia Smith at 617.442.0590

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