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Felicia D. Smith, LSW, HS-BCP
Executive Director

Felicia has more than 20 years of experience working in the human services field and over 15 years in education. For seven years she worked at a private school for students diagnosed with mental health and cognitive delays. She was responsible for overseeing three departments; Leisure and Recreation, Occupational Therapy, and Employment Services. Felicia has spent her career working with at risk populations advocating for services. She has worked for the Department of Children and Families, Boston Public Schools, and private and charter schools as well. She is a licensed social worker and Human Services Board Certified Practitioner.


Felicia graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She received her master’s degree from Springfield College in Management and Leadership where she is also an adjunct professor. She enjoys traveling, bike riding, reading, and spending time with family.

Maya Williams
Operations Manager 

Maya joined the Sojourner House team in 2021 as the Administrative Assistant. She graduated from the University of Hartford in 2019 with a B.A. in English Literature. Maya has experience in writing, editing, and copyediting through various contract positions. She is a Board Member of The Writers’ Room of Boston and in her free time, enjoys submitting her written works to various literary journals and online shopping. 

Veronica Ramos Cabral
Housing Advocate

Veronica has an Associates Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Sagrado Corazon in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Veronica has 20 years of customer service experience and over 15 years of experience working in the home healthcare field. Veronica's prior work extended into various supervisory roles in human services. Collectively Veronica's career has focused on helping others that are disproportionately represented. Along with her degree, Veronica has a Cosmetology License and a fascination with the fashion industry. In her spare time, she enjoys reading,  photography, and spending time with her family.

Luny Saint Pierre
Case Manager

Luny graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Healthcare Management. Luny has several years of Case management experience in not only the shelter system but also the legal system. In her free time, Luny enjoys online shopping, going to the movies, and doing home decor projects.

Allison Cooper
Senior Program Coordinator

Allison has accumulated many years of experience as an Auxiliary Nurse and in Hospice Care. After moving to Boston, she continued working in healthcare, became a Bus Monitor for METCO, and volunteered at local food pantries. 

Allison is originally from the beautiful island of Barbados. She found her passion for volunteering while serving at the Family Come to Support Group formed to help families cope with loved ones affected by HIV/AIDS. Allison has worked directly with the children of those affected by HIV/AIDS. She became not only a mentor to the children but prepared home-cooked meals and nurtured them during times of uncertainty. Through personal experience, Allison understands the challenges families face and has dedicated her life to helping others by means of Christian Ministry and caregiving. Allison enjoys helping others, traveling, and spending time with her family in her free time.

Stephanie Lindo
Program Coordinator

Stephanie joined Sojourner House in  2019. She has several years of Case Management experience and worked as a Program Manager for an organization helping individuals with mental challenges. In Stephanie's free she enjoys spending time with family and knitting.

Jarrod Fonfield
Facilities Manager

Jarrod joined Sojourner House in 2017. Prior to his employment with Sojourner House, Jarrod worked as a laborer and foreman for a local construction company. He is skilled in demolition work, and major and minor home repairs. Jarrod enjoys golfing, playing pool, and spending time with his family.

Shelter Support

De'Lynn Gilchrist

Marguerita Hamilton

Andore Lozano

Gloria Lyons

Nate Smith

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