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Our Children

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The Effects of Homelessness

At Sojourner House, we understand the effects of homelessness, especially the impact it has on children. Children who experience homelessness often suffer from depression, anxiety and cognitive delays. They struggle academically, socially and emotionally. Children often become withdrawn, depressed, rebellious or suicidal. They are forced to start over again, enroll in a new school, make new friends and live in an unfamiliar place.

Welcoming a Child to Sojourner House

When a child enters the shelter for the first time we recognize that it is a strange and unusual place.  We make sure they are greeted with a smile and a personalized gift awaits them in their room. Sojourner House then works diligently with the family to enroll the child in school and sign the child up for after school activities. Sojourner House is a family shelter and families are encouraged to continue their family traditions while creating new ones. We work with families to establish stability and consistent routines that help prevent any anxiety a child might experience.

It takes a Village…

Unfortunately, many children come to Sojourner House without ever experiencing having their own birthday party. Thanks to the Church of Christ in Roxbury, they are able to experience what it means to have a birthday celebration with all the fixings…cake, ice cream, party favors and gifts celebrated with family and friends for the first time!


Families are also encouraged to participate in family outings hosted by St. Gerard Majella Church of Canton. St. Gerard sponsors events for families of Sojourner House where transportation, fun, and a great time are guaranteed!


Sojourner House strives to make every child feel special and welcomed. Sojourner House provides a nurturing and stable environment where children are able to thrive and succeed and parents are supported.


Without the help of our dedicated volunteers and community partners, Sojourner House would not be able to provide our children with so many special memories.

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